Need Drainage Repairs on The Northern Beaches?

LKB Plumbing Northern Beaches can help with all your drainage problems 24/7. If you have a blocked drain you need a plumber who has the experience to know what they're looking for and how to find it with the minimum of fuss and most importantly cost. We have extensive experience detecting and repairing all types of drainage. We use latest technologies including CCTV to detect precise blockage locations to save you money on unnecessary and expensive excavation.
Whether the blockage is inside your home or outside, LKB Plumbing will find the problem quickly, repair it or advise you on the best way to proceed if it is an extensive problem, often blockages can be a symptom of a more serious problem down the line.

Emergency Blocked Drain Repairs Northern Beaches.

Have an after hours emergency drainage issue? LKB Plumbing is at your service 24 hours 7 days to solve and repair all types of drainage emergencies, Call Now!

Top 4 causes of blocked drains.

Tree Roots.
Tree roots can be a major headache for drainage. Most dwellings will have trees on the property and their roots will spread out underground in search of nutrient and water. If a pipe is broken or a joint is exposed, tree roots will make their way into your drainage system and either by themselves or with the help of refuse will cause a major blockage in your system. Whilst electric eels may help in minor cases the prognosis in most cases is excavation and replacement of affected areas of drainage. If you are thinking about planting new trees or shrubs there are 'drainage friendly plants' you can use.

It is a normal biological function of humans to shed hair, unfortunately for your drainage most of it makes it's way into your pipes and drains, and is especially a problem for smaller conduits.

In the interest of keeping your house drainage functioning as it should you should be mindful that most soaps contain fat and grease and combined with other minerals present in your drainage system can cause deposits that build up over time and in conjunction with other materials can cause blockages in you pipework.

Sanitary Products.
It is always important to remember never to flush sanitary products like baby nappies, tampons and paper hand towels down the toilet, as they are, by their nature moisture absorbing products and left in drains they will continue to expand as they draw in moisture and be a major factor in concert with other refuse in creating blockages in your drainage system.

How can I detect a blocked drain?

The main signs include a gurgling or gulping sound and a smelly drain grate coming from the floor waste or toilet when using the water. If the water level in the toilet is above or below of its normal levels, and/or the drain outside the house overflowing then you might have a blocked drain issue. The floor waste overflowing during a shower may also indicate a blockage. If any of the above is observed, then call LKB plumbing to clear it as soon as possible.










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